5 Décor Ideas to Transform Your Living Room This Christmas

As the focal point of all homes, living rooms deserve extra attention during the holidays. Christmas is here, and we want your living room to be best dressed for the season.

Whether you’re planning to cosy up on the sofa with your family to watch a feel-good Christmas movie or invite friends and family for Christmas dinner, our Christmas décor ideas will give you all the inspiration required to doll up your living room this time of the year. 

Sophisticated Neutrals 

Christmas is all about shimmering silvers and glittering golds, and they go perfectly well with a neutral colour palette. Therefore, it’s best to remove sofa cushions and get beaded and embellished options, preferably in rose gold and pewter shades.

For the Christmas tree, go for a frosted one and decorate it with muted golds and icy pinks with warm fairy lights.

Keep the centrepiece simple with a coffee table, displaying additional decorations in a gorgeous mercury-effect bowl and candles in glass jars by the side. If you are willing to spend a little extra, leather dining chairs are all the rage currently, but choose a colour that complements the living room theme.

Glamorously Peacock

For a bit of flair and flamboyance, opt for shades of teal, deep navy, and cobalt blue, and pair them with bright golds. Buy several embellished baubles in the same shades for the Christmas tree and accessorise the entire living room space with candles of different sizes and shapes.

Having mirror-topped side tables with elegant taper candles by the mantelpiece can create the illusion of high-end luxury.

Subtle with Pops of Colour 

The best thing about Christmas decoration themes is that there is something for everybody. While some people like going all-out, others prefer keeping things simple. However, most people prefer to stay somewhere in between, and for that, there is plenty of inspiration online. 

When it comes to a white theme, try to distribute pops of colours throughout the living room to brighten up the space. Large cherry-colour red baubles for the tree would draw attention to the tree, but keep it balanced by adding clear or white decorations to fill gaps.

Use red to decorate the mantel and incorporate red for Christmas gifts by wrapping them with red ribbons. Add pops of green foliage for the rest of the space, and this season’s Christmas scheme is bound to be the perfect one. 

Green for a Central Theme

From walls and accessories to furniture, green is a popular shade – so it would be a great idea to incorporate green into the living room decoration scheme during Christmas. 

Not only will it make the space look great, but because it is the colour of nature, shades of green will induce a level of tranquillity in the surroundings and maybe even inspire some creativity.

Use every innovative idea in the book to decorate a green living room for this Christmas. Get matching baubles, decoration pieces, and wrapping paper that complements the shade. Whites and metallics will look incredibly good to create a contemporary look. However, it’s best to be careful with red to avoid making the theme too cliched. 

An All-White Christmas

An all-white theme for Christmas would make a bold choice for anybody who likes to combine drama with subtlety. In order to pull it off, it’s important to add some colour or play with white-on-white colour palettes while keeping the space natural and monotone.

Include Ivy cuttings to the space, preferably around the fire mantels, mirrors, pictures, or shelves. Don’t forget to add scented candles to the mix for contrast.

For an all-white theme to pop, try incorporating variety in terms of textures. Thus, soft fabrics or sequins would make great additions to the space. Additionally, placing green pieces like faux trees and flowers around the living room will make it appear more nature-oriented.

Soft furnishings, such as cushions and throws, will induce a cosy vibe, which is necessary because an all-white theme can make the space look cold. Lastly, make sure to include faux snow or white decorations for the tree to give off an icy or enticing feel.

Wrapping Up 

Decorating the living room for Christmas can be an immensely creative and exhilarating experience, especially when it turns out right. The primary objective for Christmas decoration would be to manage the space effectively – by striking a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

If hosting a festive gathering, make sure to rearrange the living room to make the room appear more spacious. Some households may need to buy a couple of new furniture pieces to accommodate extra guests or complement their style. 

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