A Cinematic Experience With A Designer Home Theatre Lounge

There is nothing like a luxurious experience at gold-class cinemas. With recliner seats, cocktails, and access to hot, tasty food – what isn’t there to love?


But, suddenly, a relaxing night turns into chaos. There’s a screaming child (that isn’t even yours). You keep getting interrupted by the person next to you eating loudly. Then to add to all that, you are crammed in a corner seat, providing you with sub-par viewing.

What if we told you, that at Gainsville, you can find a luxurious home theatre lounge that will never make you want to never go to the movies again? Our ultra-modern lounges are the perfect addition to your home to make it one of indulgence.

What defines a theatre lounge?

If you think of comfort, sophistication and class, that is the perfect summary of our home theatre lounges.

Whether it be for a Friday family movie night or watching an AFL game in a euphoric atmosphere, a home theatre lounge is perfect for any occasion.

Montana Theatre Sofa

Our timeless Montana Theatre Sofa radiates elegance, modernity and luxury. With accessible lumbar cushions, this model is the perfect combination of design and functionality. With deluxe extras such as adjustable headrests and a recliner lounge system, you can personalise the Montana to suit your needs.

Compared to traditional home theatre lounge’s, our Montana Theatre Sofa incorporates modern features. The USB port means that you can charge your phone or tablet within arms-reach. Available in both leather and fabric, the stylish Montana Theatre Sofa will suit any décor.

Eden Theatre Sofa

Our Eden Theatre Sofa is another popular home theatre lounge that serves your comfort needs. It features supportive lumbar cushions, an adjustable headrest and state-of-the-art recliner options.

Suit it to your needs

Once you select the type of theatre lounge you prefer, there are various configurations, sizes and settings you can choose form. At Gainsville, our theatre lounges have different recliner options. They can come with a state-of-the-art electric recliner, durable manual recliner or no recliner at all.

Depending on the size and style of your living room, you can also choose from the various configuration options. From straight to curved seating arrangements, you can select the couch shape to meet your requirements.

To leather, or not to leather

If that’s not enough, we have a selection of luxurious cover options that you can choose from. There are numerous colours available in both our commercial-grade fabric and quality leather ranges.

Opting for a leather variety completes the cinematic experience. It is also perfect for warmer months, as it is typically cooler than other materials. It is easy to clean and adds a statement to your home.

Deciding on our ultra-modern fabric will not disappoint either. This state-of-the-art material is more cost-effective and holds more warmth, which will last you through Melbourne’s unpredictable weather.

A designer home theatre lounge is a perfect way to transform your home to exude luxury. At Gainsville, we have a selection of cinematic lounges that can be personalised for your needs. Visit our website, or call us at 9682 6868 to find a showroom near you.