Buying New Dining Furniture In Melbourne – What To Consider

Whether you are wanting to replace your current dining chairs and table or have just moved into a new place and starting fresh, there are a couple of important factors that you need to consider before purchasing new dining furniture in Melbourne.

Depending on the space and size you have to work with, you will be typically searching for a new dining table, dining chairs and a buffet unit or showcase cabinet. Below are some following factors you need to consider to ensure that you are purchasing the right dining furniture for your needs:

Determine the right size and shape

The size of the dining table you choose will depend on various factors such as how many people need to be seated, the available space of the dining room and other personal preferences. For the shape of the dining table, here are the following suggestions:

  • If you have a small dining room, then a round or square-shaped dining table will fit into the space better without looking overcrowded.
  • If you have a larger dining room space, then oval or rectangular shaped dining tables will better suit the available space.

Ensure there is enough space

You will also need to think about how much space is required between the table and each seat to ensure there is enough space and to avoid crowding. Each person must be able to sit comfortably at the table without bumping their elbows into the person next to them. When searching for dining furniture in Melbourne, keep in mind these following suggestions:

  • If you have a larger dining room space, then allow for about one metre around the dining table’s perimeter. Doing so will allow each guest to comfortably walk by the dining table.
  • If you have a small dining area space, consider a dining table that allows for a clearance space of 90-80 centimetres.
  • Depending on the available space in your dining room, the ideal amount of space between each seated person should be around 60 centimetres.
  • If you have other dining room furniture such as a buffet unit, then make sure to leave a minimum gap of 120 centimetres between the dining table. This will allow enough room for the dining chairs to be pulled back and to serve guests from behind their chairs.

Matching dining table and chairs

There are many different styles such as modern, classic and contemporary when it comes to choosing your dining chairs and table. You could mix and match various styles to create your own unique decor that reflects your personality. If you are wanting to create a cohesive dining room decor, you can also purchase full dining room sets to ensure that everything effortlessly matches.

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