Dining In Style —Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Dining Chairs

With frequent lockdowns changing the way we entertain, work and learn, our dining tables have become the centre of our homes. Never before have our dining chairs and tables been used as frequently as they have been in the previous year with the entire family at home.

Almost as much, if not more important than the dining table are the dining chairs you choose. They need to be the perfect mix of form and functionality, offering both comfort and style to your space. While you and your kids are going to be spending hours working and learning remotely on your dining table, you may also need it to entertain guests or to have family meals. And with our EOFY sale still on, what better time to select new multi-purpose dining chairs than now?

Get the right size

Before splurging on dining chairs with arms, check if you have the right space to comfortably seat everyone around the table. Take a look around your house and figure out where you want to place your dining table. Then leave at least a metre of space all around it for people to move around the table freely, even if someone is seated on the chairs. Then leave at least 15cm between chairs to provide sufficient elbow room. Additionally, there should be at least 30cm between the tabletop and dining chair seat to allow people to sit comfortably.

Consider the back height and shape

When spending long hours working on your dining table, it is important for your back to have sufficient support. A chair with a 90-degree angle back may seem perfect if you regularly host formal dinners, but it can quickly become very uncomfortable. Similarly, low-back chairs may create a more casual ambience, but do not support the back very well. Additionally, they may slip right under your tabletop, making them look dwarfed!

Get chairs with backs that sit a minimum of 5cm above the top of the table for the perfect fit. A slight curve in the back of the chair that hugs the natural contours of your back provides maximum comfort.

Comfort is key

You need a chair that you can happily sit in for hours on end without having to move around because your back is getting stiff. While style is important when purchasing dining chairs, even more important is the level of comfort it provides. The most comfortable chairs have a width of at least 43cm at their widest part, and a depth of 50cm. Padded and upholstered chairs not only look stylish but also protect your back and bottom.

Mix and match

Back in the day, buying a dining table with matching chairs was the only right way! But today, mix-and-match dining sets are all the rage. Choose a single element; colour, shape, height, or even the furniture period, and pair them with your table for a mix of style and eccentricity.

Unsure how a certain chair will look with your table or if two different dining chairs from our range will complement each other? Our expert interior designers are here to help! Visit a Gainsville store today with a picture and the measurements of your table and we’ll help you find the perfect dining chairs for your lifestyle.