Factors To Consider When Installing Indoor Roller Blinds

We all love our privacy and we all hate sun glare. Indoor roller blinds are ideal for keeping out the intense burning glare of the sun’s rays and any unwanted prying eyes. As every home is different, here are some factors to consider when installing your new indoor roller blinds to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

  1. Which Material Suits Your Needs?

Indoor roller blinds are available in different materials depending on what your needs are. For example, is your living room situated in direct sunlight? If so, then our block-out (also known as blackout) roller blinds are ideal. If there isn’t too much sunlight coming through and privacy isn’t an issue, then our sheer (also known as sunscreen)indoor roller blinds are ideal for letting sunlight in but filtering out any sun glare.

  1. Does It Match The Décor?

Every home is different, with each room having its own style or décor. This is an important factor when installing indoor roller blinds as the blinds you choose will need to match or enhance the existing décor or theme.

  1. Does It Maximise Safety?

Whether you live with children, pets, roommates, a partner or live alone, safety is still a major factor to consider. Any loose or dangling cords can be a potential safety hazard waiting to happen, which is why at Gainsville, we also feature motorised indoor roller blinds that are free of any dangling cords. Heat is also a safety issue for the elderly and young children, which is why our block-out roller blinds are perfect for blocking out the intense heat of the sun and regulating an optimal temperature inside.

  1. Can They Still See In?

Privacy is a major issue, especially when living on a main road where anyone can walk past and look straight in through the window. So you can see them but they can’t see you, our sheer indoor roller blinds provide ideal privacy protection during the day by blocking the view from the outside yet providing full transparency from the inside.

At Gainsville, we provide indoor roller blinds made from exclusive and high-quality materials. We can also provide dual screen blinds, manual and motorised options, and can tailor a package to personally meet all your needs. Browse our website to find out more about our indoor roller blinds today.