Follow these Tips When Buying Designer Leather Dining Chairs

Some people like to change up their interior décor with each season. When it comes to dining chairs, however, this is not the most preferred approach. You should always invest wisely in a beautiful set of designer dining chairs over other pieces of furniture in your home. Dining chairs are not something you will want to replace every few months or so.

If you are currently thinking about upgrading or purchasing new chairs, then here are some tips to consider when shopping for designer leather dining chairs:

Consider your preferred style first

Before you start road testing dining chairs in a showroom, consider the style and feel you want to go in the space that the chairs will be filling. A common mistake some people can make is to buy dining chairs made from leather that don’t complement the dining table it should be matching.

The dining chairs need to speak to the rest of the room while also complimenting the décor and dining table they will be pairing with. Consider the style you want such as a classic feel, a modern vibe or a contemporary setting.

Choose only the best material

Do you love a modern yet classic look? Are you more into sophisticated leather style? Or does a premium fabric seat interest you? With many different textures and material options out there, such as category 60 prestige leather, knowing which material you want for your dining chairs before you start browsing will help narrow down your search. Not only will the material you choose add texture to your interior but it can also set the tone.

Know the height of your table

When you have decided on the dining chair you want, you should then measure the height of your dining table. As every dining table is different, you can visit one of our Gainsville showrooms with your table height written down. This will allow you to not only make sure that the dining chairs will sit under the dining table properly, but also that when you sit down, there will be enough space for your legs to comfortably sit under the tabletop.

However, some dining tables have a slightly higher table height than most and some dining chairs can have low back designs. Having the measurements ready is very important and do not be afraid to bring your tape measure with you to the showroom.

Do they complement the table?

If you are buying new dining chairs to pair with your current dining table, then the colour and material are both crucial considerations. Timber dining tables often work well with fabric, metal and leather-styled dining chairs. It’s best to try to pair all wood grain chairs as closely as possible to avoid a clash. Timber, glass, marble and other dining tabletops lend themselves well to dining chairs made from leather, timber and fabric.

When searching for luxurious designer leather dining chairs, turn to us at Gainsville. Browse through our website to discover our entire range of designer home furnishings or give us a call on 03 9682 6868 today!