Have You Been Dreaming of Bedroom Furniture?

Many people would argue that the centerpiece of any bedroom is the bed but don’t let that overshadow the rest of the furniture in the room. It’s important that the other pieces complement it to create an overall sense of cohesion to the room. This is, after all, a room that is your sanctuary and deserves to feel luxurious and relaxing.

Don’t overlook colour either, it has an effect on our mood so carefully consider the type of atmosphere you wish to create and base your colour palette around that. You may want to go for something tranquil in which case whites, neutrals and soft tones would work. Alternatively, you may wish for something dynamic and lively, utilising your favourite shades or bright pops of colour.

Consider also storage areas. Clutter can be distracting and stressful, keeping it hidden in easy to access drawers or cupboards can really clean up your living areas and create a sense of space, not to mention easier cleaning! The range of bedroom furniture at Gainsville strives to be modern, elegant and practical. Our contemporary styling is luxurious and made to high standards that will stand up to the test of time.

Come and visit us in store or browse the extensive range online. Most items are part of a broader range of complementary products, so you can mix and match depending on the requirements of you room. Whether your choice is the natural warmth of timber or the modernity of a high gloss finish, we aim to offer a range of options to meet your personal preferences. If timber is your thing, check out the stunning American Walnut Colorado range, this solid wood is a stand out over laminate or wood effect items. Come and visit us in store today to see how we can create the bedroom you’ve been dreaming of.