How to Style Your Home Office for Maximum Productivity

As Melburnians continue to work from home in our sixth lockdown, productivity levels have undoubtedly dipped. While most of us have gotten used to the new normal of working from home and have adjusted to it, many of us struggle to focus, remove distractions or even maintain a healthy work-life balance. When our homes have become our workplaces, it can be difficult to find the same levels of productivity.

Did you know that your workspace could be the culprit behind your low levels of productivity? While having a designated space in the house to work from can play a major role in getting your mind ready to work, the furniture you choose, as well as the lighting in the room can also be deciding factors.

At Gainsville, we pride ourselves on creating office furniture in Melbourne that is specifically designed to boost productivity, while lending a beautiful, classy look to your home office. Our furniture will make you want to sit down and get stuff done! Here are a few more ways to give your home office a revamp for maximum productivity:

It’s all about the location

Working in a dark hallway with a single focal overhead light is a great way to stifle your creativity, feel claustrophobic and induce a headache. There’s a reason why all the best office plans place such an importance on letting bright, natural light filter through.

Find a spot near a window or any large source of light and place your desk in a way that the light does not reflect off the screen. Bonus points if the window overlooks a scenic view! Having something pleasing to look at when you take a break from looking at the screen can do wonders to refresh your mind.

Additionally, consider the acoustics of the room. A low-traffic, quiet area of the house or even an empty corner of a room could work in smaller spaces.

Lightbulb moment

Harsh, fluorescent lighting can strain your eyes and give you headaches. Instead, opt for lamps with diffusers built-in to offer a softer, warmer glow. Invest in halogen, incandescent or LED lights or table lamps to take some of the pressure off your eyes. Because different temperatures in lighting have a different effect on the body, it is best to get mood lighting for your home office that you can switch when needed.

Warm lighting: Perfect for when you’re taking a break and want to relax.

Cool lighting: Great for brainstorming sessions and when you need to be alert and productive.

Mid-toned lighting: Excellent for times when you’re doing casual, not-brain intensive work. This type of lighting keeps you awake, but also lets you sit back and take it slow.

The power of colours

A drab, colourless office space could be stifling your creativity and affecting your mood. According to colour psychology, blue promotes productivity. Adding a few touches of blue in your workspace, such as in your stationery, throw, or in paintings or plant pots can make you more alert and productive. Another colour that inspires creativity and improved reading ability is green, so adding a little bit of greenery to your workspace can also do wonders in keeping the ideas flowing.

Decluttering your space — and your mind

A messy, cluttered desk can make your mind feel agitated, unfocused and flustered. Think of appropriate storage solutions to put away everything you don’t need. Take out some time at the end of each week to tidy up your space and feel your stress levels decrease and productivity increase!

Our GF-208 Leather Buffet and GF-406 Leather File Cabinet are both excellent ways of keeping clutter at bay. Made of timeless, versatile and durable leather, both the buffet and file cabinet provide ample space to tuck away all the loose papers and odds and ends, leaving you with a neat and organised workspace.

Proper ergonomics is the key

Another major reason behind your low levels of productivity could be the furniture you’re using. If you’re still using your dining chair and a corner of your dining table to sit long hours and get work done, it’s time to invest in a proper desk and ergonomic chair. Spending long hours in chairs that are not designed for long use can cause back stiffness and pain, whereas lounging around on your couch while you work could be making you too relaxed.

Similarly, a desk with storage keeps your stationery and papers neatly tucked away, providing less in the way of distractions. Check out our range of office furniture in Melbourne for some excellent options for both desks and chairs, as well as storage spaces to keep your productivity at an all-time high.

Choose from the Nefil Luxury Office Chair or the Ergohuman Plus Elite V2 Office Chair, both designed for long-term use and with total comfort in mind. How about our leather office desk range to match the leather buffet and file cabinet above? With Gainsville by your side, ditch your uncomfortable, bland furniture and invest in a new era of stylish yet highly comfortable furniture designed for luxury.