Sun Glare Giving You Grief? Find Out Why Our Roller Blinds Are The Ideal Window Coverings

There are many types of window coverings, such as timber shutters and curtains that people install in their homes to provide privacy and style to their household. One of the most popular designs is roller blinds due to the number of benefits that they can provide. If you are thinking of restyling your window coverings, then here are few tips as to why roller blinds are the ideal window coverings.

Ultimate Privacy

The view from your home may be amazing but there are times when you just want some privacy to unwind and relax. Roller blinds can easily be lowered to create instant privacy from the outside world. They are also great at controlling how much light enters each room of your home, which makes it extremely easy to darken or brighten up any room without any hassle.

Simple Operation

Don’t waste your time trying to figure out or untangle complicated pull cord systems with plastic blinds. At Gainsville, we offer chain-operated and motorised roller blinds that are easy to use and can quickly be lowered and raised when needed.

Temperature Control

A lesser-known benefit is that roller blinds provide temperature control by limiting the amount of light or darkness that enters the house. On hot summer days you can lower the block-out roller blinds to reduce the amount of heat from the sun, and vice versa in winter. Another benefit is that with effective block-out roller blinds, your valuable furniture is protected against sun damage.

We offer a personalised service to ensure that your all needs are met, with various options to choose from including dual screen blinds, block-out blinds, motorised blinds, custom installation and much more. Come into a Gainsville showroom today to see how our team can assist you. Visit our website for more information on our window coverings.