Inspirational Interior Design Furniture In Melbourne

Are you renovating or revamping your home and find that you are stuck for ideas?

It is typical to go through these feelings when purchasing new furniture for your home. At times, it can be tempting to hire an interior designer to take care of all the drama for you. However, choosing elegant interior design furniture can transform your home into one of elegance, prestige and eloquence, without having to hire an expert at all.

Here is how to select the perfect designer furniture for your home, without all the stress.

Select quality interior design shops in Melbourne

Firstly, it is imperative to select furniture stores that pride themselves on excellence. Here at Gainsville, our designer furniture incorporates state-of-the-art models that lead the way in interior design. Our expansive range of sophisticated furniture allows you can find everything you need in one place. Whether it be stunning bedroom furniture, ultra-modern lounge furniture, floating TV units or more – we have you covered.

Designer bedroom furniture

Choosing a bed doesn’t need to be boring. We have an exquisite selection of stylish designer beds that will suit any home. Our Arizona Bed is the perfect choice if you are looking for something simple yet classy. Being Australian designed and manufactured, this stunning interior design furniture both new and high quality. Innovations such as our exclusive 72 Slat Base System is far superior to standard unsupportive varieties that other brands offer.

If you are wanting your interior décor to make a statement, our Charlotte Designer Bed and Charlotte Ottoman are the perfect combination for your bedroom. The vertical tufted headboard and intricately curved edges radiate class and style. With a choice of genuine leather, designer fabric and synthetic leather covers, you can personalise our luxurious designer furniture to suit your style and needs.

Dining furniture

Our ultra-modern designs aren’t just limited to bedroom furniture. With our high-class dining furniture, your living area can also have a sophisticated finish. From chairs legs, to table supports, we lead the way in intricate details and designs.

Our Doha Stone Dining Table features a patterned stainless-steel base which adds an exciting element of sophistication with its stunning caged detailing. The exquisite, quality and durable Porcelain ceramic top is made in Italy and radiates luxury.

If you enjoy entertaining, our Tuscan Dining Table is perfect for you. It can comfortably seat up to 14 people but doesn’t lose its fine details. Its geometric foundations are one of the leading styles in interior design furniture trends. You can also benefit from the anti-scratch properties incorporated in the Venato and Concordia stone tabletops. We also have elegant American Walnut and Ash Timber options which will always be in style.

If you are looking for the best Interior design shop in Melbourne, Gainsville is your answer. Whether you are searching for exquisite bedroom furniture or grand dining furniture, we have an array of options that will suit your needs and tastes. Visit our website or call 9682 6868 to find a showroom near you.