Looking for bed shops in Melbourne? Come and see why Gainsville is one of the best

The bedroom is a place you can lay your weary head and lock the rest of the world outside. When it comes to such a haven, you shouldn’t sacrifice on comfort. You deserve the best, and the best begins with choosing the right bed.

Gainsville is one of the most popular bed shops in Melbourne, and for good reason. We have a massive range of styles to suit all tastes. Here are some of the most popular bed options to get your started in choosing your next bed.

Headboard and basic frame

Potentially the most popular, a simple bed frame with a separate serves as an affordable but stylistic option whether you’re furnishing a new room or replacing your old bed.

Headboard and footboard combination

The frame of this style of bed is available in a range of materials, including wood and metal. Generally, the headboard is larger than the footboard, and can be incorporated with other storage additions, such as under-bed drawers or bookcase headboard/footboards.

Platform bed

The platform bed sits lower than most styles but consists of solid lines, most generally constructed from wood, so despite its lowered frame it still makes a bold addition to a room.


The sleigh headboard features an arched design with similar footboard (if present). The curves offer a modern and inviting aesthetic to a room, but can take up more space than other beds, due to not sitting flush against the wall.

Four poster and canopy

If you’re looking for a classic and romantic style of bed, you can’t look past a four poster and canopy bed. Dating back to the 16th century, these beds are as close to a fairy tale sleep you are likely to get.

Four poster beds feature decorative posts at each corner, while the canopy bed takes that framework all the way to the ceiling, offering crossbeams or fabric across the roof. Canopy beds are also available with fabric curtains that can be drawn to offer ultimate privacy.

For a better idea of what style of bed would best suit your home, visit the Gainsville showroom in Melbourne’s CBD. We have a large range on display and experts ready to help with any questions you may have. If you can’t make it into Melbourne, have a browse on their extensive website for thorough product descriptions and photos.