Maximising Comfort in Your Home with the Right Furniture

On average, Australians spend 90% of their time indoors, including in homes, cars, office buildings and other enclosed spaces. Creating comfortable and relaxing spaces is essential to our well-being. Furniture plays a vital role in making our homes and offices comfortable, and choosing the right pieces is key to maximising comfort.

Choosing the cheapest sofa or mattress in the store may be tempting, but you may end up needing to change it earlier than you planned. While many people choose to spend time and money selecting the perfect ergonomic chair for work, they forget that the furniture they spend time on after work also contributes to their well-being or lack thereof.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting modern furniture in Melbourne to maximise comfort in your house.

Choosing the Right Furniture for Comfort

Before you purchase any furniture, think about the purpose of the room. A living room is typically used for entertainment, relaxation and recreation, whereas a home office should be designed with productivity in mind. Fully understanding the room’s purpose will help you make mindful choices when selecting furniture.

  • Dimensions

One aspect to consider is the size of the furniture you choose. Furniture that is too big or too small for a given space can make it look cramped or under-furnished. Also, consider the proportions of the room to the proportions of the furniture pieces you consider.

If choosing a sofa, consider the length of the room and the number of people likely to use it regularly. You will also need to consider the depth of the seats of your couch, as these are likely to have a big impact on comfort. The ideal depth of your couch should be somewhere around 60cm. Also, consider the clearance around the sofa. You don’t want a couch so large that you bump into walls or other furniture while trying to move around it.

Gainsville’s Cocoon Sofa offers superior lumbar support for the highest comfort and is also available in different sizes and styles, so you are sure to find something that best suits your needs.

  • Structure and Construction

A well-constructed, high-quality furniture piece is worlds apart from cheaply made furniture in support, stability and durability. High-quality materials and fabrics also contribute to comfort, ensuring that furniture retains its shape, look and comfort over time. Cushioning is another essential feature. Soft, plush cushions give a cosy feel, whereas firm cushions support your back and hip joints more.

When it comes to beds, Gainsville’s range of designer beds is unmatched in terms of construction and stability. Made with a superior 4-bay, 72-slat base system, our designer leather beds, like the Rosetta bed, offer unparalleled support to your body while you sleep. A signature Gainsville design that offers several customisation options, the Rosetta bed is classy, elegant, and so comfortable you will enjoy some of the best nights of sleep here.

  • Adjustable Features

For maximum comfort, your furniture should have features that allow you to adjust the piece according to your needs. Features such as reclining mechanisms, adjustable headrests and lumbar support contribute immensely to comfort. Furniture that supports the body’s natural curvature, especially the spine and overall posture, contributes to overall comfort.

Adjustable features are where Gainsville excels. Many of our furniture pieces, such as the Montana Dual Reclining Sofa, feature adjustable headrests, allowing you to lounge around in the utmost relaxation.

  • Material

When selecting furniture, it is also important to consider the texture, softness and breathability of the material. For example, while materials like cotton and linen are breathable and soft, they are also more prone to staining and wear and tear and can harbour allergens and dust mites. On the other hand, materials like leather, which are naturally hypoallergenic, are incredibly soft and comfortable and repel liquids and stains. These are often easy to clean and maintain, making them an incredible option for houses with children.

At Gainsville, most of our furniture is customisable, which means you get to choose which fabric will adorn your furniture. Ask our staff about our wide range of fabrics and colours available in products you like.

  • Style

Finally, choose furniture that fits the aesthetics of your home. It is your sanctuary, after all, and it does not do justice to fill it with furniture that does not complement your style and aesthetics. You should feel a sense of calm and cosy when you step inside your house. The style of furniture and decor you choose is a major part of making your home look put together and cohesive while contributing to its overall vibe.

Keeping the above in mind when purchasing modern furniture in Melbourne will help you turn your home into a comfortable and attractive space. Maintaining your furniture and adding some personal touches from time to time will also enhance the beauty and well-being of your home and ensure you can enjoy it for years to come.