Our Top Maintenance Tips For When Buying Leather Modular Sofas

Looking to Buy High Quality Leather Modular Sofas in Melbourne?

You’ve searched all over and finally found that beautiful leather sofa you’ve been looking for. Now that it’s finally positioned in your living room, you will need to take care of it. Although a leather sofa is low-maintenance, it is still a good idea to keep on top of the cleaning so it continues to have that‘brand new’ look and smell. To help out, here are our top maintenance tips for when buying leather modular sofas.

  1. Stay Away From The Sun

Sunlight is known for causing fabrics to fade when exposed to too much sunlight, and leather is no exception. Be sure to position your new leather sofa away from any direct sunlight, or install indoor roller blinds to protect your leather sofa and other furniture throughout your home.

  1. No Food On The Sofa

This sounds obvious but food stains are a major cause of wear and tear when it comes to sofas. It can be very tempting to eat a snack or a small meal on the couch, but over time it can develop into bigger habits and lead to food stains building up over time. Prevention is better than the cure. Resist temptation and eat at the living room or dining room table.

  1. Read The Label

Every sofa is different, so remember to read the instructions on the label when you first purchase your leather sofa. It will provide specific care instructions and what types of chemicals to avoid. At Gainsville, we provide our own Ultimate Leather Care Cleaner which protects, conditions and nourishes the leather as a unique 4-in-1 leather cleaner.

  1. Clean It Up Straight Away

We’ve all been guilty of spilling a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and not cleaning it up… straight away. When it comes to a leather sofa, or any other type of fabric, the best thing to do is to clean the spill up straight away with a paper towel (without rubbing the leather). If a leather cleaner isn’t available,it can be cleaned with some distilled water.

Buying a leather sofa is an investment that will last you for many years, so make sure you keep on top of the cleaning to ensure its longevity and appearance. When searching for leather modular sofas and leather care products, Gainsville is the number one choice in Melbourne. Visit a Gainsville showroom today or browse our website for our range of comfortable, stylish and modern leather sofas.