The Advantages of Purchasing Modular Lounges with Recliners

L Shaped and U Shaped Lounge

The sofa is one of the most used pieces of furniture in anyone’s home. If you are currently replacing or buying a new lounge for your living room, finding the perfect one can be a time-consuming process – unless you look for designer modular lounges with recliners! Stylish, functional and very versatile, here is why a modular lounge is the best choice for your house:

Firstly, what does modular mean?

A modular sofa is made up of different pieces, also known as modules, in order to create a complete lounge. Modules can be swapped into different configurations or positions to integrate with different living room spaces. Modular sofas can come with many additional features such as a recliner for increased comfort, a footrest for relaxing with your feet up and much more.

Always in style

Modular sofas are beautifully designed and look stylish in any living room. Our unique designs feature styles that are timeless to complement traditional, contemporary and modern décors. As style trends come and go, modular lounges are the best choice if you don’t want to keep replacing your lounge every time a trend goes out of style. Whether you prefer genuine leather or designer fabrics, modular lounges will always be in style, year after year.

Ideal for small spaces

Because smaller modular sofas take up far less room than a regular couch would, your living room becomes freed up with more open space. This makes modular lounges much easier to position than other furniture such as rugs, side tables or desks. This also gives you the freedom to style your living space however you want without the restriction of a bulky couch.

Very functional

Have you ever been relaxing comfortably on the couch only to realise your phone is on low battery and has to be recharged in another room? Modular sofas are very functional and come with many different accessories. If you enjoy watching TV while browsing on your phone, then you can purchase a modular sofa such as our Miami Fabric Sofa with additional USB charging ports that are built-into the side. With also have modular lounges with electric head and footrests and more.

Adjust it to suit your needs

Do you enjoy kicking back with your feet up after a long day’s work? Or maybe you enjoy friends and guests on the weekend? However you enjoy spending your time at home, modular lounges give you the freedom to configure a setup that best suits your needs.

This can include:

  1. Having a foot and headrest
  2. Having a straight or rounded corner
  3. Different shapes such as a U shape or an L shaped lounge
  4. Having a recliner

For a stunning range of designer modular lounges with recliners to complete your living room, turn us at Gainsville. Browse our website to see our entire range of designer home furniture or call us today on 03 9682 6868.