Things to Consider Before Buying a Bed or Bed Frame

On an average, we spend over 26 years of our life sleeping, and over 33 years in bed! When we’re spending over a third of our lives in bed, it is important that we have the right tools to help us sleep better. Not only will good sleep make us more prepared for the day ahead, it also boosts our health, reduces stress and improves our decision making power.

But while your mattress may be the most important factor contributing to getting good sleep, the bed frame you choose plays just as important a role. The next time you start looking for beds for sale in Melbourne, consider the following before you make your purchase:


Just like a mattress, bed frames come in many different sizes; Super King, King, Queen, Double, Single, Long Single and King Single. The size you choose should depend both upon the size of your mattress as well as your room. You don’t want to get a king-sized bed and have it be the only thing you can put in your room!

Take exact measurements of your room and think of all the things you want to put in it. Will there be side tables next to the bed? Maybe a tallboy dresser to put your clothes in? Do you need space to put a desk and chair in to work from home? Will you have enough space in the room to move comfortably once all the furniture has been put in? All of these considerations will factor into the size of the bed you get.


The main purpose of a bed frame is to raise the height of your mattress so you can climb in and out comfortably. Depending upon your height, age, the height of your mattress, as well as the way you get into bed, the ideal height of your bed frame will change.

On an average, a person’s knee height falls between 16 to 24 inches from the floor, and this is how tall your bed should be. When choosing a bed, sit on the edge. If your knees rise up over your hips, the bed is too short for you. And if your knees fall lower than your hips, it might be too high. Ensure your knees and hips fall more or less in the same line for the most comfortable bed height.

Material and Style

Depending upon how you use your bed, the best material for you will change. If you frequently sit up in bed and read or browse through your phone, choose a bed with a cushioned, upholstered bed head. This will be more comfortable than a metal or timber bed head. If you require more storage options, choose a bed frame with incorporated storage, for example, drawers built into the base, pull-out trays or under the bed storage compartments. Metal beds are great for children’s rooms as they can be colour customised, are sturdy and very low-maintenance.

If you’re looking for a more luxe option, check out our Barcelona Bed, which is designed with comfort and style in mind. Available in several different sizes, this bed comes with an exclusively designed 4 bay, 72 slat system that protects your mattress and ensures you get high-quality sleep in a bed that’s made for luxury.


Speaking of slats, the build and number of the slats under your mattress will have a major part in how long your mattress lasts. Typically, the wider the gap between two slats, the faster your mattress will wear down. This will also make your warranty null and void. Standard slat systems only have 2 bays and between 26 to 34 slats. On the other hand, all of our beds come with 4 bays and 72 slats, providing your mattress with more support.

When buying a bed frame, also look at the distance between its slabs. Ideally, two slabs should not be wider than 2.5 inches apart. Additionally, the best slats are very slightly curved and provide your mattress with a bit of a bounce.

Additional considerations

Many beds today come with additional features, such as slide-out drawers at the base of the bed, built-in reading lights, USB ports, jewellery compartments in the head board and the like. Our Charlotte Bed comes with Gainsville’s Universal Light Port with a USB-C system built-in into the headboard on each side. Right below the Universal Light Port are USB-C ports to charge your devices even when you don’t have a socket handy.

Additionally, almost all of our beds are customisable when it comes to materials. Whether you want a luxe eco-leather bed head or one in our fabric range, whether you need a double bed or a king, additional storage under the bed or the 72 slat system base we have the means to get your bed customised according to your needs.

The next time you’re looking for beds for sale in Melbourne, Gainesville should be your first choice!