Want More Style In Your Bedroom? Transform Your Bedroom Décor With Our Unique Range Of Fabric Beds

The bedroom is the most important room in our homes. It’s where we start the beginning of our day and where we long to return to once the sun begins to set. When it comes to our bed, style is just as important as comfort. An unflattering bed creates an unwelcoming vibe, and no bed is complete without a headboard. At Gainsville, we have a range of luxurious fabric beds with upholstered headboards that will create a welcoming and warm feel to any bedroom.

Upholstered headboards give additional comfort as they provide extra cushioning when sitting upright while watching TV, reading a book or simply chatting to your partner. This is why our beautifully crafted Venezia bed not only leaves a lasting impression but also has a stylish headboard for extra comfort. Exclusively made and designed by Gainsville to the highest standards, it features a superior 4 bay 72-slat base system, an amazing 12-year warranty and is available in single, double, queen, king and super king bed frame sizes.

Enhance the style of your bedroom with our Arizona bed complete with upholstered headboard. This bed has a classic style with a modern twist, featuring beautiful timber legs and absolute attention to detail that can be easily admired from any angle. You can also choose from your choice of fabric covers including synthetic and genuine leather, velvet, premium and designer fabric, and a vast range of colour options to choose from as well.

Give your bedroom extra comfort and style with our range of luxurious fabric beds and upholstered headboards at Gainsville. For more information about our unique range of fabric beds as well as our beautiful range of home furnishings, browse through our website today and find the bed of your dreams.