Wanting To Upgrade Your Dining Room Furniture? Here’s Why A Timber Dining Table Is The Way To Go

Your dining room furniture is an important piece of your house. Important family events happen daily at your table, so choosing one you are happy with is really important. Here at Gainsville, we love creating classic, beautifully made furniture that you’ll fall in love with and create happy memories with.

A timber dining table is a perfect choice for your next family table, as it is strong and durable and can last a lifetime. Timber helps create a classic, formal look without being cold or imposing. A timber dining table will have durability and be able to withstand everything that dining entails such as heavy platters, decorative objects and spills.

As well as providing classic elegance, a timber dining table is also a lower maintenance option then its glass counterparts. A quick wipe over with a damp cloth is more than enough to pick up any spills or dust. You may need to treat the wood with oil or wax eventually, however, it’s not often.

Here at Gainsville, we pride ourselves on using the best timber available to make an elegant and high-quality tabletop. We use American Walnut and American Ash Timber as our materials to give a timeless look to your dining room. With its reddish, brown hues, this timber complements a number of design aesthetics and can work with a lot of chair options as well as buffets.  Both timber materials are extremely strong and tough enough to withstand almost anything. Our Tuscan Dining table is a perfect option for a timber dining table. It seats up to 14, which is perfect for large family gatherings but can give a relaxed intimate feel to smaller parties.  If a hybrid of metal and wood together is more your style, Gainsville has the right range for you. With a mix of black coated metal and an American Walnut or American Ash Timber top, it’s the perfect mix of modern and classic furniture design.

Many people mistakenly feel that a timber veneer is a cheaper option when choosing a timber look. These days it can actually be more expensive in more ways than one to opt for veneer instead of solid wood. The initial price point between the veneer and solid wood is actually not that different. Veneer actually covers cheap chipboard and other flimsy ‘wood’ which will damage easily and chip away. In many cases, the veneer starts to become unstuck and the unsightly board underneath is visible. If your dining table is used very often, this will happen within a year or two of buying the cheaper alternative. This means more ongoing costs with repair (if you can) or replacement will happen much sooner than if a solid timber dining table was purchased.

Buying a timber dining table is also an environmentally friendly option for your next purchase. Many furniture manufacturers use exclusively wood from sustainably sourced options. Solid wood also has up to half the environmental emissions when manufacturing than its metal and glass counterparts. Lastly solid wood can actually store carbon released into the atmosphere making it an incredibly environmentally friendly option for your next dining room table.