Why Designer Leather Dining Chairs are Better

When it comes to the interior design of your living room, there are many advantages to having designer leather dining chairs. After centuries of different styles of plain wooden furniture, leather material has paved the way for a modern style of dining chair that has become incredibly popular around the world.

There are two main types of leather available which are real and synthetic leather. Both have their own stylish attributes and benefits. Below will guide you through the advantages of each type to help you make the right purchase when looking for leather designer dining chairs for your dining room:

Synthetic leather

Wanting to purchase a set of leather furniture dining chairs but you’re on a budget? Then our dining chairs made from synthetic leather such as our Mendel Dining Chairs are an inexpensive yet stylish alternative. Synthetic leather is also less susceptible to puckering, making it the perfect choice for rounder styles of dining chairs.

Being fade and scratch resistant and low maintenance, synthetic leather is a popular choice among business professionals and families. It has a water repellent and stain-resistant surface, meaning the dining chair can be easily wiped clean when spillages occur. As it is made from a synthetic material, no animal products have been used in its production, making it an ideal alternative for vegetarians and people who are opposed to purchasing home furniture made using real leather.

Real leather

If you are looking to make a statement, then our range of genuine leather dining chairs, such as our Cordoba Dining Chairs and Barstools, will add a touch of class that will give your surroundings a luxurious and designer feel. They are ideal for providing a lavish dining experience with a premium look that will be the envy of your guests. Made with prestigious category 60 leather with its own set of exclusive features, dining furniture made with real leather offers a beautiful and unique look because no two animal hides are ever the same in appearance.

Apart from real leather’s impressive resistance to issues such as peeling, tearing and cracking, it’s also highly durable and known for aging well. As it becomes softer over time, any worn spots will gain a sleek burnished appearance, which further enhances its character. Real leather has pores just like skin, so it will breathe and change temperature with your body, providing more warmth and comfort than sitting on wooden or plastic dining chairs.

Unlike with fabric material, leather won’t hold dust which makes it resistant to dust mites and an ideal dust-free option for people that suffer from certain allergies such as hay fever. Real leather is also a safer choice than many other fabrics because it is heat, sun and fire resistant.

No matter the size or style of your home, purchasing a designer leather dining chair is a perfect choice, whether you decide to choose genuine real leather or synthetic leather. View our entire range of dining chairs and home furnishings at Gainsville by browsing our website or calling us on (03) 9682 6868.