Your Guide to Choosing the Most Comfortable Couches in Melbourne

If you didn’t spend most of your time in lockdown sprawled on your couch, binge-watching everything Netflix comes out with, with a six-pack of beer and an ever decreasing pile of food on your coffee table, that’d make one of us! Now more than ever, we have realized the importance of a comfy couch for our living room, after having fallen asleep one too many times on the sofa and waking up with an achy back (guilty!)

If you think your couch is in need of a major upgrade, or have just moved into a new place and are looking for a new couch in Melbourne, here’s a quick guide to help you choose the most comfortable one:

Ask yourself the following questions before looking for a sofa:

  • Do you like putting your feet up on the coffee table or flat on the floor?
  • Do you typically watch TV sitting up, lying down, or with your feet tucked under you?
  • How many people are likely to use the couch? What are their heights and ages?
  • Do you also take naps on your couch or is it strictly for entertaining and watching TV?
  • How much room do you have in the space you’re putting your new sofa in?
  • Do you have pets/children that could potentially soil the sofa?

Always accurately measure your space (even your doorway!)

You wouldn’t believe the number of times people order a sofa only to have to return it because it ended up being too big for the room. For many people, it wouldn’t even fit through their doorway! It is important to keep the measurements of your room with you when you go couch shopping and ask the manufacturer or seller how the sofa will be delivered to you. If it will be delivered fully assembled, make it a priority to ask them about the assembled width of the piece of furniture to ensure it fits through your doorway.

The right dimensions make all the difference

The most comfortable couch for you will depend a lot upon your answers to the questions above. But when it comes to dimensions, there are some ideal dimensions that will provide the maximum comfort for all:

  • Couch length: The best length for your sofa will depend a lot on the amount of space you’re working with. Standard couches come in lengths ranging from 180 to 240cm, while two-sweater couches are typically between 120 to 180cm long. However, if you have someone on the taller side using the sofa and have the space, the best size for maximum comfort is something between 210-220cm.
  • Couch depth: It is very important for the couch depth to be the perfect size. You may feel like you just can’t get comfortable if the couch is too narrow, or may feel like you can’t get up and are sitting with your feet dangling above the ground if it is too deep. If you enjoy taking naps on your couch, then a depth of 60cm should be perfect for you, whereas for people who sit upright, somewhere between 50-55cm is best.
  • Couch height: If your sofa is going to be dividing a larger room into a dining and living room, you don’t want a couch with a back so high that you can’t look over it. On the other hand, you also do not want a couch with a back so low that you can’t comfortably lean against it. Moreover, the height of your seat will determine how high the back of the sofa should be. The ideal height for the back of the sofa is between 76 to 90cm, whereas for the seat it is 45cm.
  • Arm height: Finally, the ideal arm height for most comfort is between 17-22cm measuring from the top of the seat.

Let’s talk fabrics

Depending upon your lifestyle, the right fabric for you will differ. While fabric couches are more cost-effective, materials like cotton and linen are also less resistant to stains, so they may not be a good option for homes with little children. Leather couches, on the other hand, may cost more upfront, but they have a higher stain resistance and can be enjoyed for much longer, offering excellent value for money. When it comes to velvet, while it looks very luxurious, this material is best used for couches and armchairs that are not likely to see much use, such as the armchair in a home office.

When in doubt, turn to Gainsville

At Gainsville, your comfort is our utmost priority. All of our couches are made of the highest quality materials, designed to offer the most luxurious comfort imaginable. Offering several customisable options in our vast range of couches in Melbourne, now you can get your couch tailor-made to your requirements! Get in touch with us today for more information.